Make Big Moves

What does success mean?

In today's world, efficiency and success orientation are in the spotlight. This is also shown to us by society and its focus.

All young people want to be successful somehow and have the "Instagram" life. Even the older ones try to follow the trend, because nowadays there are simply endless possibilities to create freedom and financial independence.

This becomes clear when we look at the hype in 2021 around all the cryptocurrencies and see people trying to get rich with Shitcoins. Well - unfortunately, investments don't work like that, so no long-term success without good decisions.


The question we personally asked ourselves was:

"How can we be successful AND make the world a better place at the same time?"

With the implementation possibilities we have with today's technology, success is not a possible goal, it's simply a goal that can be strategically approached. So the real question should not be, "How do I become successful?"

It should be, "What do I do with my success?". Is it enough to just do the minimum?

We say: No!

Of course, we have enough celebrity examples who donate a small part of their fortune to some organisation and occasionally initiate projects in order to look better in the public eye. But each of us must choose a path for ourselves and ask ourselves whether the path we have chosen allows us to sleep peacefully and happily at night.

We at Big Moves believe that every single person with power and money, also has a certain responsibility. A responsibility towards our fellow human beings and our environment.

The minimum is definitely not enough.

The world deserves more than that. Better, long-term solutions for the future!


How can you move forward as part of the community?

Together with our community, we do everything we can to carry out our approach in such a way that our goals can be achieved in a sustainable and future-oriented way, with a positive effect on the planet.

We want to carry this path to success into the world, as a mindset with you!

We understand the urge for personal success and simultaneous personal freedom.

However, this kind of freedom can only exist permanently with a good heart if it is built in a sustainable, future-oriented way. Otherwise, you only build a house of cards that falls apart before you can even enjoy the success. 

It's not about simply building a lifestyle, but about the duty we have to our fellow human beings, children and those who are less fortunate. We all want to go to bed satisfied in the evening and be proud of our work, don't we? Then we should also work together on a strategy to achieve this.


We see it as our task to give you this mindset on your way, so that you also realise what is important. That's why we motivate our community, both by sharing ideas and by supporting our products, to become successful and happy in the long run. Each of us can create our own meaning in life.

So get up, get started and work on your future!