Who is Big Moves?

Together with our community, we are Big Moves.

We started with the idea of changing the world in a positive way, with the right mindset. So the desire to reach out to like-minded people grew to unite the ambition to succeed and do something good for the world at the same time.

Our goal is to help people to bring out the best in themselves through communicative exchange and with our products and to show how important it is to do the right thing on the way to success.


Marlon Keanu Serafim

My motivation for Big Moves is to bring out the best in our community with our products and content in order to make your projects and strategies a reality. With us, you can share your ideas, together we can make a difference.

My favourite: Hardback Journal

Joel Villiger

At Big Moves I found a way to implement my ideas and the opportunity to motivate other people. On your own, the road to success is hard, but together we can make a difference. What are you waiting for?

My favourite: Tunic Sweater

What we want to change

Why be selfish and only keep your success to yourself when you can be generous and do the world a favour?

Why live a boring life when you have the opportunity to live your dream?

It's time to create something meaningful, it's time for Big Moves.

Together with various partner companies, we are working to realise our concept of sustainable, inspiring and professional fashion. The goal is to provide the best quality on the best terms and if you want to learn more about our goal and how we make it happen, visit the "About Us" page and learn how we approach our mission.